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The Crazy Wholesale Ride

The Crazy Wholesale Ride

When we get involved with a project, we like to make it as complicated as possible. No, wait, that doesn’t sound right! Unfortunately, it is how our story goes for a property we purchased in Montclair, NJ in 2014-15. A lengthy closing, the NJ courts involved, and the seedy underbelly of wholesale selling were all a part of this project. Hang on for the crazy ride!

Purchasing the Estate

We received a call from the attorney of the estate who had heard of our services. After reviewing the property, we initially offered $150,000 in October of 2014 to purchase the home. Our papers were then formally filed with the probate court of Essex county. The reason the courts had to be involved was because any residual amounts of the estate were due to the state,as there appeared to be fraud within the estate. In December 2014, we had to lower our offer by $20,000. There was evidence of a leaking oil tank found in the soil on the property and the cost for cleanup was approximately $20,000.

The amended contract was agreed to by both parties and signed by the end of February 2015. After being cleared by the courts, we were able to obtain clear title and close in March of 2015. This was 5 months from our initial offer till closing.

Don’t Forget the Inter-Office Disputes

During the time of the closing of this estate, a previous partner was in the process of leaving. There was a disagreement on the pro rata share of profits from any resale of this property. Eventually, we continued without our partner to ensure a fair share for all.

The Wholesale of Our Wholesale

Once our property went out to the wholesale market, more than a dozen parties tried to wholesale our wholesale! In April 2015, we accepted an offer of $175,000 and entered into a contract. On May 4, we had to cancel that contract when we found this party ILLEGALLY marketing our property for sale on real estate sites!

We continued our hard work and were able to then obtain an offer from another party for $190,000. It was made very clear to this party that we would not tolerate them trying to wholesale our wholesale. We wanted to make sure they would be the ones coming to the closing table before entering into a contract. Despite them initially trying to wholesale our wholesale, they agreed that they would be coming to the closing table and entered the contract. On June 23, 2105, we finally closed on this property!

The End Result

Despite the wild ride, we cleared a little over $50,000 for only holding the property for 3 months. Not too shabby!

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