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Unique Real Estate Marketing

Unique Real Estate Marketing

Marketing your business can be a daunting task. You have great ideas in your marketing strategy but now you need to introduce them and foster them so they continue to grow. Where to start? Learning and knowing everything you can about your current and prospective market.

Your Market

You can begin by looking at the progress and health report of the real estate industry. Observe the consistent growth since 2008 and increasing numbers.

Your Target Audience

Using demographics, location, lifestyle, etc., you can develop your strategy to reach your target audience. Understanding the different buyer personas and learning their needs and expectations will help you refine your approach. This will help you tailor your value proposition to their needs and solve their pain points.

Once you have determined your target audience, you can focus your marketing on what will appeal to and entice your specific audience. Where to begin? Try these ideas…

Ideas to Apply

  • Copycat Marketing – this works well only if you add your personal touch to someone else’s strategy
  • Leverage Inbound Marketing – make your website visually appealing and filled with informative content; utilize geo-tagging to engage potential buyers
  • Stay Updated with Real Estate Markets – stay up to date with target markets so you can remain relevant
  • Participate in Real Estate Expos – expos offer opportunities, networking and updates on trends and technology
  • Use Videos – engages your audience and increases your SEO rating; create virtual tours of your real estate

New Technology

Make someone else’s new technology your mainstream technology. There are many options to explore. Begin using drones and virtual reality to help your clients explore potential real estate.

  • You can set up a Google My Business page, which will make it easier for new clients to find you.
  • Having former clients share an authentic review also helps new clients to find you trustworthy. And a referral system will bring your more clients because people trust recommendations from their friends the most.
  • Utilizing real estate CRMs can help with leads, client follow-ups and communication with your company.

Overall Marketing Presence

Presenting a united marketing strategy across multiple platforms will increase the number of people reached. Creating eye catching infographics to share on social media can help you reach new clients, and maybe even go viral. Revising your print collateral and marketing materials regularly can instantly delight your clients and make sure you remain current. By creating a blog that answers the top questions clients have, you can attract them to your company’s website. There, you can publish market reports to improve SEO rating and generate more leads.

Aside from having a social media presence, be sure to have a community presence to further generate quality referrals.

Hopefully these strategies will enable you to stand out and build a strong brand that consistently attracts clients.




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